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Created on Saturday, 23 March 2013 19:12
Category: COLCAR Moreno

Colcar participó en ADGYA (Exposición de Golosinas, Galletitas y Artículos Varios para el Kiosco) los días 20, 21 y 22 de Marzo.
El evento se realizó en Costa Salguero y contó con la asistencia de más de 3000 profesionales y referentes del rubro.

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Autoclasica en el Hipódromo de San Isidro

Created on Monday, 08 October 2012 16:39
Category: COLCAR Moreno

Como todos los años, Autoclasica llego al Hipódromo de San Isidro.

Amantes de autos y motos clásicas marcharon por las los pasillos de la exposición absorbiendo la pasión y la historia que brindan estos vehículos.

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Caravana Balcarce

Created on Monday, 10 September 2012 19:12
Category: COLCAR Moreno

El Viernes 7 de Septiembre, un grupo de Clientes de Colcar acompañados por Horacio Cremona y Gente del Departamento de Marketing de Mercedes-Benz partieron desde Puerto Madero en caravana hacia la ciudad de Balcarce, con motivo de conocer el Museo FANGIO y compartir un fin de semana en la Estancia "El Casco", que pertenece a la Fundación Juan Manuel Fangio.

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ISO 14001 Certification

Created on Monday, 28 February 2011 20:37
Category: COLCAR Moreno


A COLCAR project to protect the environment - What are the ISO 14001?

This standard certifies to:

  • Count with a system of Environmental Management.
  • Compliance with current environmental legislation.
  • Ensure continuous improvement in environmental issues.

With this standard we will work on reducing our impact on the environment and prevent pollution.

The 3 Rs:

We must strive to reduce the volume of products that we consume. Many times we acquire things that are not needed. We do not think that in order to manufacture them, raw materials are needed that we can not waste such as petroleum or water.
We must also take into account the huge amount of waste generated by excess packaging in many of the  things we buy.
Thus, reducing...

  • The use of disposable products.
  • The use of aluminum foil.
  • The use of plastic bags.
  • Energy consumption, use public transport, turn off the lights when not needed...
  • Water consumption.

It is about reusing as many objects as possible in order to produce less waste and spend the least amount of resources to manufacture new ones.
You can reuse...

  • Paper: The pages written only on one side can be used for notes or drafts.
  • Toys: Do not toss the toys that your children no longer use; donate them to charities so they can deliver them to children in need.
  • Glass: Try to buy liquids in returnable glass bottles.

Consists in manufacturing new products using materials obtained from old ones.
If it is not possible to reduce consumption of something or reuse it, at least try for it to be recyclable.

  • Paper: At home separate newspapers and magazines, carton boxes...and put them in containers for recycling.
  • Glass: Do the same thing you do with the paper with any glass containers.
  • Plastic containers, cans and brick type packaging: Milk cartons, soda cans,  water bottles...can also be recycled depositing them in containers for this purpose.



Certificación de ISO 14001

Created on Wednesday, 09 February 2011 19:04
Category: COLCAR Moreno

Un proyecto de COLCAR para cuidar el medio ambiente - ¿Que son las ISO 14001?



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2010 Brazil Showbus

Created on Sunday, 22 August 2010 20:13
Category: COLCAR Moreno

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We thank everyone who took part in this event.